The Band Council

The 12-member Band Council is a key component of the Pep Band. Headed by the 8-member Executive Council, the Band Council works together to make decisions about the Pep Band, and to keep band operations running smoothly. Meet us all below!

The Executive Council

Alex Roberds (SFS '18)

Molly Smith (COL '17)

Student Conductor
Graham Kaluzny (COL '18)

Joel Elkins (SFS '18)

Ahmed Latif (COL '19)

Jay Portales (COL '19)

Social Coordinator
Sierra Campbell (COL '18)

Freshmen Coordinator
Margaux Fontaine (SFS '19)



Section Leaders

Flute/Piccolo Section Leader
Victoria Carroll (COL '17)

Clarinet Section Leader
Kylie Snow (NHS '19)

Saxophone Section Leader
Molly Abate (NHS '17)

Percussion Section Leader
Sierra Campbell (COL '18)

Brass Section Leader
Sylvia Levy (SFS '18)



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